Wedding Games!

Chances are you’ve been to a wedding recently that offered a fun way for their guests to spend the cocktail hour. It’s a fun and growing trend to add wedding themed games to your event and we love it! Check out some of these ideas that were sure to be a hit. Above photo by Ameris … Continue reading

Food for Thought: Reception Snacks

Warning! This tantalizing food-filled blog post may leave you with your mouth watering and your stomach growling! We’re talking wedding snacks, and lots of them! Trending right now at many weddings is the late night wedding snack. Receptions are running later and your guests are staying longer. Partying into the night can no doubt work up … Continue reading

Inspiration: A Unique Ceremony Decor Idea

Talk about a storybook wedding! This book case ceremony decor idea is an amazing way to incorporate some really unique and visual elements to your ceremony – which tends to be a tricky place to decorate. You could easily paint or wallpaper the bookshelves to match your theme, and you can have all sorts of … Continue reading

Inspiration: A Touch of Yellow

1/2. Elizabeth Messina/Mindy Rice, 3. Two Pair Photography, 4. Two Pair Photography 5/6.  Erin Hearts Court/La Partie Events, 7. Boutwell Studio 8/9/10/11: Boutwell Studio, 12. Thoughtful Day, 13. Anna Wolf

DIY Project: Printable Templates

In my recent hunt for wedding stationary that was both appealing visually and financially, I stumbled upon Love vs. Design, a site offering modern vintage wedding stationery and cards. An oxymoron? Maybe. Simply put, their products are available in two different printing options to fit everyone’s budget: Digital Printing or DIY printing. Not only do they have customizable … Continue reading