Submissions & Advertising


Satin & Snowflakes is now accepting submissions! If you are a photographer, newlyweds, wedding planners, or if you are simply a creative person overflowing with ideas you want to share, Satin & Snowflakes would like to feature your work.

Satin & Snowflakes has a particularly romantic style that features natural, soft images filled with light and minimally processed. The goal is to feature as many real weddings from in and around the Ottawa area as possible. I am a hopeless romantic and I love photography. I believe that professional wedding photography should tell as much of a story as the actual love story does. Those tender, charming photographs are the images that Satin & Snowflakes embraces.

Satin & Snowflakes is now proudly listed as an Editorial Partner on Two Bright Lights. I prefer submissions through this website as it makes both the submitter and editor’s lives easier, but if you aren’t affiliated with Two Bright Lights, please send your submissions by email as follows:

When submitting to Satin & Snowflakes, please ensure that the images are no smaller than 550 pixels wide and include references (names and website) back to the source, including location, the couple’s name, the photographer, and all vendor information possible. Please do not include any images with watermarks.

I will personally respond to submissions by email within 14 days of receiving the email (please send to Once the submission has been approved, I will immediately finalize the post, publish it, and will send you a link to the post following its publication.


-Preferred Vendors List-

Satin & Snowflakes is a designed to be the Ottawa brides’ one-stop resource to this beautiful city’s wedding industry. Our goal is to make our bride’s lives considerably easier: we feature preferred vendors who have a reputation for being unique, high-quality, and reliable. If you are interested in being on the Satin & Snowflakes preferred vendors list, please email me with your name and company information. I prefer to meet our featured vendors before promoting them, but there can be exceptions. Featuring your company on the preferred vendors list means that there will also be a full blog post published about your company as an introduction to our readers. Please email me at for more details or to get the process started.

-Sidebar Advertising-

Satin & Snowflakes is growing at a very rapid pace, and our viewing rate and subscribers are growing exponentially.  Should you be interested in advertising on Satin & Snowflakes, please email me at to inquire about rates and options. I will be able to provide you with a monthly report on the site’s statistics and how many people viewed your advertisement.

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