DIY Projects

Pom Poms

These pom poms are perfect for ceremony and reception décor. Vary the size and colours for a more dynamic vision to fit your theme!



Printable Templates

Download these vintage decor templates for free. Templates for cards, cupcake flags, chocolate bar wrappers, mad libs, gift tags and more.


Handmade Chiffon & Tulle Flowers

These chiffon & tulle flowers are perfect for sashes on a wedding dress, a hair piece, incorporated into a bouquet, and much more.


Mini Pinwheel Straws

A pinwheel adds an instant dose of summer fun to any party, so we’ve got Pinwheel Printable! For a new spin on the traditional Pinwheel design we’ve scaled it down a bit so that it’s the perfect size to work as a decorative addition to drink stirrers, straws, or cupcake toppers.


Homemade Butter Favours

We think these are a brilliant idea for a country wedding. The steps are soooo simple, and it makes for a completely unique favour that your guests will be impressed with!


Giant String Heart

 Total cost for this project – $35 (the most expensive part is the wood!) and it can be done in a few hours. There are so many different ways you can customize this DIY for your own wedding day, and it’s  a lot of fun.


Manzanita Branch Centerpieces

Manzanita Branches make a great statement at any reception. Glamorous, and very easy to customize. Try spray painting the branches to match your decor colours!


Vinyl Record Dessert Stand

This dessert stand really “took the cake” as the most creative and unique stand design! If you’re looking for a rockin’ dessert stand, you have to check this out!


We really like the use of pinwheels in weddings. They can be incorporated into a bouquet, used as a cute hand-out at the ceremony, top cakes, and much more! We especially love how polished this pinwheel looks, and we’ve got the printable for you.

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