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Kennedy Event Planning

Shannon KennedyPrinciple Planner and Owner:

“I love great food, movies, books and to travel. I have two pugs and a cat. Chocolate is my favourite go-to snack. I cannot start my day without a latte, and I love sleeping in on Sunday mornings!” I have a true desire and commitment to work with people, plan extraordinary events and unique and beautiful weddings. I enjoy developing relationships with my clients, giving them a sense of comfort, trust, and confidence in my ability – all while having a great time!

My style is best described as modern romantic. I love beautiful, elegant, vintage, whimsical, and old world influences. I draw inspiration from numerous wedding publications, online professionals and personal experience. I am a self-proclaimed romance junky with a warm (and sometimes dorky) sense of humour. Professionally, I am calm, confident, and offer a reassuring presence to my clients on their wedding day. I have a strong passion and talent for special event and wedding planning. My professional experience in the industry began working for a well known wedding planning firm and then lead to a top event management position at a high-end restaurant and special event facility.

The knowledge and experience gained in my five years of planning, has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the industry and foster priceless relationships with amazing local vendors. Kennedy Event Planning offers me the opportunity to use my creativity to its fullest potential and the ability to give my clients a memorable experience.”



Amy Karlin- Wedding & Event Planner, Owner:

“Amy had always been that girl who loved throwing parties, the ones people talk about for months and years to come.  In 2010, she fell head over heels for weddings after planning her own wedding, and decided to found her very own event planning firm to help others create celebrations packed with personality and local flavour. 

Amy also has experience in planning, coordinating, and leading events, and has a background in communications. While working for a major cosmetics company, she helped plan corporate events across Canada and single-handedly planned and delivered over 50 training sessions across North America. In the federal government she found her niche in communications, where she focussed on target audiences, managing corporate identity, and meeting really tight timelines.  With panache.

Amy is the founder and creative director of splendidevents.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Ottawa and is certified by the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. Her extensive training in wedding and event planning, time-management, and communications has given her an edge on creating fresh and polished events that generate buzz.  Not only will your event be fabulous, people will be talking about it before and after!”


Weddings Unveiled 

Lynn Lee – Wedding Planner, Owner:

“For a beautiful wedding without the emotional price tag, Weddings Unveiled offers you the highest quality experience. We have improved the planning process by specializing in full support to a select number of couples each year. With no distractions competing for our attention, the sole focus is on you and the planning for your big day!

Dreams provide the creative inspiration for your wedding: the look and feel, the smallest touches that reflect your personalities, and the wow factor that they’ll remember. Together, we’ll develop the perfect style for your day and take it from storyboard to reality. My knowledge of the market and it’s options are invaluable in providing you with the best team of suppliers that will help us to bring your plans together with ease.

My meticulous nature is fed by the hundreds of details that go into ensuring your day is seamless. Here’s where you really sit back and relax, while I attend to the more unglamorous logistics and fine points that need attention. Nothing is left to chance but the good ole weather!”


If you have any vendor recommendation, or wish to have your company featured on our preferred vendor list, please fill out the following information and we will review the company immediately. Thank you!

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