Love on the Docks

There’s something about a dock. Maybe it’s because there’s only room for two. Just you and the love of your life sitting at the end of the dock, completely surrounded by water. Or maybe it’s the notion that you’re sort of on land, but at the same time, a part of the water. It’s that … Continue reading

Outdoor Engagement at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania

I really love that couples are taking engagement sessions out of the studio and into the streets. It really gives an intimate and fun glimpse into the couple’s relationship and makes for much more interesting and far less staged photographs. Lindsay & Timothy in Phillidelpia both look so comfortable and happy! Keep your eyes open … Continue reading

Engagement: Anna & Chris

This is one of the many engagement sessions that I adore from Anna Jones, Ottawa wedding photographer. I am thrilled to announce that Anna will be contributing regularly to Satin & Snowflakes! If you haven’t already seen her site and blog, they are musts. Her pictures are so soft, romantic and natural… they really put a smile … Continue reading

Engagement: Tara & Jay

Tara & Jay are very near and dear to my heart. I met Tara while working at my first “big girl” job and we very quickly bonded over our amazing boyfriends and our love for animals (namely cats). Through her I met Jay, now her fiance, a true gentleman with a big heart, strong opinions … Continue reading