About Submissions

I am interested in submitting a wedding/engagement session/styled shoot to be featured on Satin & Snowflakes.

Whether you are a photographer, newlyweds, wedding planners, or simply a creative person overflowing with ideas that you want to share, we would love to see what you’ve got!

Satin & Snowflakes has a particularly romantic style that features natural, soft images filled with light and minimally processed. The goal is to feature as many real weddings from within the Ottawa area as possible. We are hopeless romantic and love photography, and we believe that professional wedding photography should tell as much of a story as the actual love story does. Those tender, charming photographs are the images that Satin & Snowflakes embraces.

When submitting to Satin & Snowflakes, please ensure that the images are no smaller than 550 pixels wide and include references (names and website) back to the source, including the location, couple’s name, the photographer, and all vendor information possible. If they are a real couple, we would deeply appreciate learning about their story, and if we can get it from the bride or groom first hand it would be even better! We ask that you please do not send us any images with watermarks. We promise you will get the credit.

Please send all submissions to brittany@frid.com.

*We are also now proud editorial partners on Two Bright Lights.

Thoughts and Feelings

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