Behind the Scenes

About Brittany Frid

Founder & Editor

I haven’t been dreaming of my wedding since I was a little girl. I have never been the girl who wants to have a princess gown and a tiara. I never had a “dream wedding” all worked out in my head. Nope. I grew up with two younger brothers, and they weren’t into weddings either.

My mother, who always seems to be one step ahead of me when it comes to what’s trending online, started sending me links to all these amazing wedding websites that feature the most beautiful, romantic images ever; and I, the tom-boy, started to fall in love with a world that was so opposite to anything I had ever experienced.

When I realized that I was spending more time looking at wedding websites than I was concentrating on excelling in my career as a Law Clerk, I realized that I needed to make a career change. So I got myself certified as a wedding planner and opened up my own company. The problem: I hadn’t been to a wedding since I was 6 years old. How could I plan a wedding without any experience whatsoever? I needed to create something… something that would make me stand out… something that I would want to see if I were a bride. And then it hit me. Satin & Snowflakes was born.

Ottawa needed a resource that was ahead of the world’s wedding trends, could inspire brides with stunning images, and could help them create the day that they have always dreamed of. I wanted to take the work and hassle out of researching vendors by themselves; something that could take some stress off their shoulders and can provide them with great vendors that I personally know and love. And I wanted to put my hours of pouring over wedding magazines, websites and  television shows to good use!

I am truly a romantic at heart and it shines through my website. I typically featuring nostalgic images, soft hues, vintage elements, and elegant, feminine touches. I want to open the eyes and imaginations of Ottawa brides and show them just how unique, creative and engaging the wedding industry is here.

I am always available for a coffee date to discuss Ottawa’s wedding industry, offer tips for brides, do private consultations, and help with wedding planning and/or styling. I also love ballerina flats and cardigans, stiff Manhattans, tulle and chiffon, experimenting in the kitchen, and love in every form.


About Brittany Knapp

Editorial Partner

I worked at a flower shop in high school and eventually got certified both as a floral designer and wedding planner. After a few years of working in Ottawa, I moved to New York City for the love of my life, and ended up falling in love with the event industry as well.

I directed and taught at Jane Packer’s world-renowned flower school and then managed a floral & event design company. During my five years in the Big Apple, I created events for celebrities, planned seven figure weddings, had my work featured in Vogue magazine and a feature film, and really honed my skills and figured out my personal style. After starting a family and missing my hometown, I moved back to Ottawa and started my own floral and event design company after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Management.

I think that Ottawa is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and a perfect wedding backdrop. Ottawa brides are so fortunate to have such an excellent wedding industry and I am so proud to be a part of it!

I met Brittany Frid in the spring of 2012 following her creation of Satin & Snowflakes and convinced her to let me help expand her exciting venture. I am thrilled to have such an amazing partner-in-crime that is as passionate as I am about creating Ottawa’s most comprehensive, beautiful, and informative online wedding resource.

Vintage, Feminine and Classy are three buzz words that I seem to use a lot. I love jewelry, photography, milk chocolate with toffee and flowers. I am a hopeless romantic (although still a jaded New Yorker!), a DIY-er, a bookworm, and most importantly: a wedding nerd!

Thoughts and Feelings

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