Brooch Bouquet

Satin & Snowflakes LOVES flowers, but we also love unique and untraditional elements in weddings, which is why we are featuring brooch bouquets today. Made from any type of jewelry (think brooches, earrings, pendants), each item is individually wired and put together to create a truly custom bouquet.
Here are a few reasons why we’re loving this style for any time of the year: By using a sentimental heirloom, this could be used as a beautiful way to honour the memory of a loved one; You can quite literally keep your bouquet forever; It takes “going Green” and recycling to a whole new level!
Whether you’d like to add brooches to fresh flowers or create an ensemble entirely of jewelry, brooch bouquets photograph beautifully and are sure to make an impact on your guests.
Photographer:  Tilt Shift Studios / Bouquet designed by Kelsey, a bride in Texas, and her Aunt  from various brooches and earrings collected from grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

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