Beautiful Vintage Styled Photo Shoot in Ottawa

This styled photo shoot was submitted to me by Ottawa photographer and friend Laura Kelly. When I was looking through all the images, I honestly sighed at the end because I wanted more. They made me feel as though I was a character in Pride and Prejudice.  The style is so classic and feminine, and the attention to detail throughout the décor is inspiring. I love the mix of antique brass, the deep coral in the pomegranate and the roses, and the cream tones in the pearls and peony petals. The oranges only add the how fresh and sweet the entire photo shoot looks.

I absolutely love the idea of incorporating vintage items into wedding décor, especially if they are interesting and unique pieces like the antique telephone used here. Adding these elements makes your wedding special and gives your photographers something fun to capture. All of the above vendors are from Ottawa, which we love, so if you can’t find some great antiques in your grandmother’s basement, these people will know how to give you that incredible vintage-chic feel.

Photographer:  Laura Kelly Photography / Event Planner:  Coordination Wedrose / Hair Stylist:  Tracy D’Silva / Reception Venue:  At The School House /Dress Store:  Ashton Station Bridal / Cake Designer:  Chrystal’s Baked Goodies / Heirlooms and extras:  A Fine Thing

Thoughts and Feelings

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