Fall In Love With: Brittany Knapp Floral and Event Design

As most of you have heard, we announced yesterday that Brittany Knapp of Brittany Knapp Floral and Event Design has joined the Satin & Snowflakes team as an Editorial Partner. We are thrilled to have her talent and expertise on the team and we will be working together to introduce some amazing new concepts to the site.

One of the major concentrations of Satin & Snowflakes is to feature local Ottawa vendors in a way that will give our brides some insight about who they are, what they do, and why we love them. Brittany is a very talented Florist here in Ottawa, and as part of her introduction to Satin & Snowflakes and our readers, we wanted to showcase her company. Brittany, welcome to Satin & Snowflakes!


How did you start in the event industry?

I worked at a flower shop in high school and eventually got certified both as a floral designer and a wedding planner. After a few years of working in Ottawa, I moved to New York City and ended up directing and teaching at a world-renowned flower school and then managing a floral & event design company. During my five years in the Big Apple, I created events for celebrities, planned seven figure weddings, had my work featured in Vogue magazine, and just really honed my skills and figured out my style. That experience and style is what I bring to my Ottawa weddings.

What is your best advice for a bride choosing her wedding flowers?

The best thing for a bride’s budget (and the environment!), is to choose local, in-season flowers if possible. Unfortunately, Ottawa doesn’t have the longest growing season or the largest variety of local blooms, but it’s definitely a starting point. I always find a way to bring a really unique element in to the flowers as well; whether an old family heirloom such as a brooch, or a bit of glitz or crystals, or a really special handle or ribbon. Ultimately the flowers should reflect the couple’s taste and story.
Any tips for couples selecting their vendors?

A wedding is the most personal event you can plan. The details are what make the day; the vendors you choose are hugely important. Each vendor brings a different personality, style and flair to their product- and that will ultimately reflect on you! You are entrusting part of your planning, heart and memories to your vendors; don’t risk any decision. Choose vendors that you click with, that have a good reputation, and that you can trust with your big day. Don’t settle!

Thoughts and Feelings

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