Love on the Docks

There’s something about a dock. Maybe it’s because there’s only room for two. Just you and the love of your life sitting at the end of the dock, completely surrounded by water. Or maybe it’s the notion that you’re sort of on land, but at the same time, a part of the water. It’s that state of in-between that makes you feel so exceptional.

Lindsay + Brad’s engagement shoot on the St. Lawrence River didn’t involve any fancy props or fanfare. It was simply the two of them, being shot by the incredible Genevieve Georget of Fifteen:Fifty-One Photography of Ottawa, Ontario. And that was enough: an absolutely gorgeous couple, a serene river, and a tremendously talented photographer to document it all.

The water of the St. Lawrence River was calm and blue on the day of Lindsay + Brad’s shoot. The impeccably dressed pair interacted together in what appears to be an effortless manner. As though they’ve known each other their entire lives and couldn’t imagine spending a day apart.  From looking into each others eyes while ankle-deep in water to cuddling on the end of the dock, staring over the water, Lindsay + Brad’s harmony can’t be denied.

There’s something about a dock. But it’s more about that couple on the dock; deep in love, with the water quietly lapping underneath them. Life goes on around them, but they are all that matters.

Source: The Blueberry Wedding Blog / Photography: Genevieve Georget of Fifteen:Fifty-One Photography

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