Hunger Games Inspiration in Ottawa

From the Photographer:

“Like millions of readers world wide, I too have been bitten by the “Hunger Games” bug.

The truth is, a year and a half ago I stumbled upon Suzanne Collins’ novel series and have been utterly unable to put the books down (with more than 6 read-throughs, I may officially be called a Hunger Games expert at this point!).    

For those of you living under a rock the past few years, the story centers around a 16 year old girl forced to fight to the death in a dangerous outdoor arena as amusement for the totalitarian government of a future North America known as “Panem.”  The book introduces the reader to protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, and fellow competitor, Peeta Mellark, chronicling their fight for survival both inside the arena and out and the complicated relationship that grows between them.  

Call me a huge geek but…..I adore this story!

I loved it so much that I just knew I had to use it as inspiration for a stylized photography session.  I knew the story I wanted to tell visually.  I knew I wanted to find models who could bring the characters of Katniss and Peeta to life, that I wanted to capture their “relationship” on film.

As a Stylized Portrait Photographer, I specialize in creating sessions that are a true reflection of my real world clients here in Ottawa.  Pulling from their own life stories to create a session that is uniquely them.  In working on this session, my goal was always to honor the “true story” of these fictional characters.  I approached the shoot with this question:  “If Peeta and Katniss were a real couple and this was their real story, what would their wedding look like?”  Based on that, my team of great local vendors and I pulled inspirational details from all three books in the Hunger Games series, deciding to pick up the story almost at the end of book three (BEWARE OF SPOILERS IN THIS POST IF YOU HAVEN’T READ ALL THREE BOOKS!).

For fellow Hunger Games enthusiasts, I hope you will appreciate the attention to detail we put in this shoot.  It was a true labor of love with a wonderful team of local Ottawa vendors, all of whom came on board with very little notice, a love of The Hunger Games books and a commitment to excellence.”

Venue: Stonefields Heritage Farm (Stephanie Brown & Steve Malenfant) / Cake, Sweets Table: Sophie Bifield Cake Company (Sophie Bifield & Ryan Short) / Invitations, Place Cards, Menu, Tags: Inky Design + Print (Sara Purdon) / Hair: Show Pony (Lori Dyck) / Make-Up: BeautiControl Spa, Prof. Makeup Artists (Josee McOrmond) / Wardrobe: The Lost City (Danika Rustik) / Floral Design: Full Bloom Floral Design (Erin Carmichael) / Antique Props: Tin Barn Market (Vicki Veenstra & Errin Stone) / Models: Models International Management (Elizabeth, Max, Jonathan) / Planner: Kennedy Event Planning (Shannon Kennedy) / Photographer: Salt and Light Studio (Lisa Kelly)

8 thoughts on “Hunger Games Inspiration in Ottawa

  1. This is such a great turnaround. What I mean is as a wedding photographer, I have to take the story as it happens and make the images in a reactive way. Congratulations Lisa, on being the originator of the story and making images that follow your imagination and creativity.

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