Inspiration: A Unique Ceremony Decor Idea

Talk about a storybook wedding! This book case ceremony decor idea is an amazing way to incorporate some really unique and visual elements to your ceremony – which tends to be a tricky place to decorate. You could easily paint or wallpaper the bookshelves to match your theme, and you can have all sorts of personalized items on display for your guests. Pictures of your families, memorabilia from your favorite trip together, your favorite books from childhood… the options are endless.

Photography: Jessica Claire


6 thoughts on “Inspiration: A Unique Ceremony Decor Idea

  1. Oh I love this! Very unique. ;) If Shelley had seen this back in December, I’ll betcha she would’ve chosen this theme.

    And I love your site! Such a treat. Always enjoy dreaming …

    • Love it! If you don’t want it to look so “library-ish”, you can add your own special details. Have some great cascading flowers, personal photos of your family members who couldn’t attend the wedding, candles, you name it!

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