DIY: Vinyl Record Dessert Stand

I was looking for unique cake stands and found some really beautiful designs, but this one stood out as the most creative, and by far the most unique! Created by Bubby and Bean (you have to visit their blog – it’s incredible). Here are the DIY instructions for this rockin’ dessert stand!

1. Attach 4 self-stick felt pads (found at most hardware or craft stores), evenly spaced, on the bottom of the largest record (33 1/3 rpm).  These will act as “feet” to make the base of your stand more stable and give it a little height.  In place of self-stick pads, you can also cut circles from a piece of felt and glue them on.

2. Pick up the screw, and place one metal washer onto the screw post, followed by one felt washer.  (The metal washer is important for the large record because it helps distribute the weight to prevent the record from cracking). Put the screw though the hole of the largest (33 1/3 rpm) record from the bottom up so that the felt washer is closest to the bottom of the record.  Place another felt washer over the screw so it’s touching the top side of the record, and screw on one of the cake stand rods.

3. Place another felt washer on the screw post of the cake stand rod, and slide the medium size record (78 rpm) onto the post.  Top this with another felt washer and screw on another of the cake stand rods.

4.  Again, put a felt washer onto the screw post.  Place the small record (45 rpm) onto the post, and top with a felt washer.  Screw in the top cake stand rod.  (Note:  You know those little adapters that have to be inserted in 45s so that they can play in standard record players?  The same adapter is needed to make a 45 rpm record fit on the cake stand rod in this project.  If there isn’t already one in your record, you can buy a 10-pack for $3 almost anywhere that sells music).

5. Your stand is complete!  Arrange doughnuts, cupcakes, or your favorite desserts on the different tiers.  This stand can also be used for cheese and crackers, cut veggies, and other snacks. You can even use it as a table centerpiece for displaying non-food items.

Note: This project is easily adaptable.  For the hardware, you can buy the pieces separately or order an inexpensive 3-tier cake stand center handle package (do a quick search on eBay; they’re under $10).  You can also look for an old cake stand at a thrift store and take it apart to use the pieces.  Only have two sizes of records? No problem.  Just make a 2-tier stand!

8 thoughts on “DIY: Vinyl Record Dessert Stand

  1. I absolutely love this idea!! I’ve immediately tasked my H2B to try create one for our wedding :)

    • Hahaha, I’m glad you love it. I totally stumbled upon is a little while ago and absolutely loved the idea. So easy, and I have at least 100 records to work with. Send me pictures when your H2B is done! Congrats!

  2. I certainly will! One of H2B’s friends has now offered to make a couple of these cake stands for the wedding as we’ve asked for help rather than wedding gifts. So excited to see the results!

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