Cookie-Cake Wedding Favours by Chrystal Geoffroi

How precious are these “cakes” made out of sugar cookies? What a fun, creative way to treat your guests! Just looking at the pictures of these adorable mini-cakes on Chrystal Geoffroi’s site makes my mouth water. Chrystal’s Baked Goodies specializes in sugar cookie designs and cupcakes, but when she showed me pictures of her sugar cookie cake favours, I had to share! Here’s a little more from Chrystal:

About Chrystal
Growing up I was surrounded by a family of bakers. Having both a French Canadian Grandmother as well as a St Lucian Grandmother has definitely influenced my style of baking. I like adding spice as well as a unique blend of essences which I import from St Lucia. Baking is something that I have always loved to do and guests love to eat, so it was a natural transition from a hobby to Chrystal’s Baked Goodies.

Why You Want to Use Them as Favours
Cookie-cakes are a unique and sweet way to thank your guests. To make them, yummy sugar cookies are made to resemble chic mini wedding cakes, they’re a new alternative to traditional favours. They look elegant on place settings, or can be stylishly arranged on a favour table. 

What Makes Them Unique
Everything is baked fresh to order, without preservatives. We pride ourselves on delicious, beautiful treats. Each is designed and hand decorated with love! Small batches ensure high quality. Everything, from filling to frosting, is made from scratch. We take the time to make it taste as good as it looks. 

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