Engagement: Tara & Jay

Tara & Jay are very near and dear to my heart. I met Tara while working at my first “big girl” job and we very quickly bonded over our amazing boyfriends and our love for animals (namely cats). Through her I met Jay, now her fiance, a true gentleman with a big heart, strong opinions and a keen sense of humour. Tara & Jay are both out-of-towners, but have made their home Ottawa and love every minute of it. Their wedding will be in Gananoque, halfway between both of the hometowns, but between Jay’s love of politics, Tara’s love of cats (there is a cat sanctuary located on the grounds), and their combined love of Ottawa, Parliament Hill seemed like the perfect backdrop for this beautiful engagement session. Here’s what my favorite couple in Ottawa has to share about themselves and their wedding:


Tara was born and spent most of her life in the GTA.  She attended the University of Toronto, completed her degree in 2008 and began working in the legal field when she graduated.  Jay was born and raised in the small town of Morrisburg, Ontario, a community of about 2000 residents an hour south of Ottawa.   Jay moved to Ottawa to begin studies at the University of Ottawa; Jay completed his degree in American History in 2007 and began work in the financial services industry shortly thereafter. 

How they met

In 2009, through a mutual friend, Jay and Tara met while she was living and working in the GTA.  Shortly thereafter, Jay and Tara began a long-distance relationship, visiting each other every few weekends.  A few months later, Tara decided to move to Ottawa into a townhouse with friends (one of whom was the friend who introduced Tara to Jay).   By November 2009, Tara and Jay were living together in an apartment in the Glebe and by October 2010 they were engaged. 

About the wedding

Our wedding is going to be a more informal type of wedding with a focus on having a great party and adding touches of our personality to the wedding itself, from the ceremony right through the menu choices and the look and feel of the reception. We are most looking forward to having our families and friends come together as many members of the bride’s and groom’s friends and families have not met each other. This will be our opportunity to mix our friends and families together in one memorable party!

Photography: Melanie Shields


5 thoughts on “Engagement: Tara & Jay

  1. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Such a wonderful job has been done to capture not only your love from one another but your love of life. Not a moment we have ever spent with the two of you has past without smiles, Love and laughter and I can’t wait to share in your special day. We love you both forever and always.

    Love Shawna, Darren and Mackenzie.

  2. Tara and Jay! The pictures are beautiful and I love the engagement announcement. Very classy touch guys! Getting excited for your Wedding Day and can’t wait to see the happy couple and the beautiful bride! Miss ya Tara here at home but I am happy knowing that you and Jay are so happy together. I wish you many, many, years of happiness guys.

    Lots of Love.
    Paula Cordeiro Oxox

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