DIY Project: Printable Templates

In my recent hunt for wedding stationary that was both appealing visually and financially, I stumbled upon Love vs. Design, a site offering modern vintage wedding stationery and cards. An oxymoron? Maybe. Simply put, their products are available in two different printing options to fit everyone’s budget: Digital Printing or DIY printing. Not only do they have customizable vintage wedding stationary, they also offer Printable Templates of items that you can download for free, and I couldn’t resist sharing with you these beautiful, simple, and costless DIY projects for brides looking to add special touches to every part of their wedding without adding to their budgets. Follow the links below to view the printable .pdf versions of each of these creations.

1. Retro Flags, 2. Ribbon Congratulations Card and Gift Tags, 3. Confetti Thank You Card, 4. Vintage Flags, 5. Chocolate Bar Covers, 6. Gift Tags, 7. Mad Libs


Thoughts and Feelings

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